In the fast-paced world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the digitalization of contract management has become a critical success factor. As companies strive to navigate the complex contractual aspects of M&A, the need for efficient, transparent and reliable digital mechanisms is more pronounced than ever. Recognizing this need, has developed innovative features to address these challenges and transform the way contracts are managed.

  1. Prior to these new capabilities, our customers struggled with manual processes that were not only time consuming, but also prone to error. The lack of streamlined workflows and centralized data management often led to inefficiencies and an increased risk of missing deadlines. These challenges highlighted the need for a solution that could simplify and automate contract management and ensure accuracy and consistency.

    In response to these challenges, introduced several new features designed to revolutionize contract management. These features include Excel-style spreadsheets for easy data entry and management, allowing users to document important contract details, set reminders and track deadlines efficiently. The spreadsheets are equipped with cell history control functionality, ensuring a transparent audit trail of changes made by different users.

Revolutionizing Contract Management with Innovative Features

A key feature is the ability to roll up data from multiple contracts into a single, comprehensive spreadsheet. This automated aggregation provides a holistic view of contracts across multiple projects, greatly enhancing reporting capabilities. In addition, the platform offers customizable input forms and commenting capabilities, allowing it to be tailored to our clients' specific workflows and facilitate seamless team collaboration. It's particularly useful for senior management and project managers who need to oversee multiple projects simultaneously, providing a bird's eye view of all the active and past contracts.

An outstanding feature of the platform is the cell history control. This feature allows users to track changes made to any cell in the spreadsheets. It records who made the change, when it was made, and what was changed. This level of detail is critical for maintaining data integrity and ensuring accountability within teams. It's especially useful in scenarios where multiple stakeholders are involved in entering and updating data. Our customers are always ready for an audit.

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Automatically Calculate Business Days for International Contracts

The ability to accurately calculate business days across multiple jurisdictions is a critical feature, especially when dealing with international partners.'s platform addresses this need with a sophisticated business day calculation that takes into account differences in holidays between countries. This feature is invaluable for professionals managing international deals, ensuring that all timelines are accurately tracked and met, regardless of geographic differences. By integrating this functionality, not only streamlines the process of managing deadlines, but also significantly reduces the risk of oversights or miscalculations due to regional differences in business days.

The integration of these capabilities greatly improves monitoring, reporting and decision making. With the ability to view consolidated data and track changes at a granular level, executives can make more informed decisions. The ease of reporting also means that stakeholders can stay on top of the latest developments, ensuring transparency and alignment across the organization. Overall, these capabilities contribute to more streamlined, efficient and controlled contract management.

Adapting Our Existing Tools for Contract Management

In addition to Excel-style spreadsheets, uses its input forms and comment sections to further streamline contract management. The input forms simplify data entry, allowing users to quickly and accurately enter information into the system. These forms are designed to be user-friendly, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring consistency in data entry. Comment sections allow team members to communicate directly within the platform, facilitating real-time discussion and clarification - much more efficient and secure than long email chains. This feature ensures that all communication is centralized and easily accessible, increasing collaboration and efficiency. In addition, data is structured, allowing for great reporting capabilities.

Understanding that every company is unique, offers extensive customization options. These options allow the platform to be tailored to different workflow processes, ensuring that it is perfectly aligned with the specific needs of each organization. Whether it's modifying the input forms, adjusting the table layout, or setting specific parameters for reminders and alerts, the platform can be configured to meet the unique needs of different teams and projects. Best of all, no coding is required to make changes. This flexibility is key to ensuring that the platform delivers maximum value to its users.

Customer Success Story using our new Contract Management features

A recent implementation of these capabilities at one of our customers illustrates their effectiveness. The company uses the platform to manage complex cross-border contracts. The customizable input forms and built-in comment sections facilitate data entry and team communication, while the roll-up functionality provides a consolidated view of all contract issues and red flags. The company also added the ability to calculate business days across multiple countries. As a result, the company reported improved decision making and peace of mind knowing that no deadline will be missed, even though their contracts must account for multiple jurisdictions with different public holidays.'s features, including roll-up tables, input forms, comment sections, and extensive customization options, greatly enhance contract management. They provide a level of efficiency, collaboration and customization that is critical in today's fast-paced business environment. We invite you to explore these features and see how they can improve your workflow. For a deeper understanding and hands-on experience, request a demo at Discover how our platform can be tailored to your specific needs and simplify your contract management.

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