World-class digital carve-out management

The key to carve-out success is proficient management of the data flow. All assets must be precisely identified, separated, and transferred. This creates a large amount of data that must pass the strictest compliance checks.

The® carve-out apps offer a unique platform to efficiently manage this complexity, from small deals to multinational transactions with thousands of participants and millions of records.


Master complexity

Prepare business units for divestitures with confidence and efficiency


Effective Asset Management

Digitally capture data via configured forms, tables, and automated interfaces. Control data flow through workflows and stage-gate processes. Show real-time progress in terms of completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of data using reporting dashboards. Use digital tools for data analytics, plausibility checks and migration, including TSA management.


Orchestrate your team

A carve-out is an enormous challenge for the organization. Employees, most of whom have no M&A experience, must perform additional complex tasks in the carve-out process in addition to maintaining business continuity. This requires digital tools that guide through the process while making multiple disclosures manageable. The central team must have full transparency of the status and be able to identify deviations and risks at an early stage.

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Achieve a fast and clean Carve-out

Speed and legal validity are decisive success factors. The faster the organizations separate, the sooner each party can concentrate on its own business (stand-alone readiness). However, speed must not be at the expense of complete documentation, precise contracts including annexes, or compliance. Violations can result in expensive legal disputes later on.

Related Apps

Carve-out Workplan

Carve-out Workplan

Excel-like checklists are excellent for guidance and status management in Carve-out Projects because they are easily set up and don't require any training effort. But distributing these sheets for decentralized usage and consolidating the data is a real pain. Our Excel-like Workplan App combines the best of two worlds: Excel-user experience with powerful online collaboration, task assignments, status tracking, and advanced dashboard and reporting functions.


Carve-out Baselining

Carve-out Baselining

Our Excel-like Baseline App is designed for data gathering in carve-out scenarios. Easily create data requests tables with customizable headers and an endless number of input rows to be filled out by the carve-out object. With almost no training effort, you get an Excel-like user experience plus features that you missed in Excel like real-time collaboration, version control, workflows, permissions, and markups, as well as dashboards to track progress.

Carve-out Playbook

Carve-out Playbook

We have perfected our Carve out Baselining app and made it even more intuitive and easy to use. Create any kind of data-input form, including Excel-like worksheets with all collaborative features such as markups, workflows, roles, and permissions. With the Carve out Baselining App interacting with other Apps, you can build a powerful workplace with guidance, tasks, issues, risks, and a document repository, all in one place for maximum efficiency.

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