Track Synergies, Costs and Other Metrics

Only companies that constantly challenge their existing business model and structure and adapt fast to new market conditions can succeed in today’s business environment. 

No matter whether you are involved in a transformation after or before an acquisition, or undergoing a cultural, digital or process transformation, the key to your success lies in your ability to implement substantial changes across the whole organization within the shortest time possible. This requires a clear vision, great people, and the right tools.


Plan, Track, and Report on value creation

Establish a framework of guidance, accountability, and traceability, no matter if you embark on a radical or incremental change.



Apply a mature and agile framework to plan and guide your organization through the transformational journey. We combined Scrum and Kanban methodologies with best-practice technologies from DevOps frameworks to create a highly flexible system that speaks your business language.



Manage the entire transformation in one single system. Know that all tasks are clear and assigned according to their priorities; that critical interdependencies are duly considered, and that all issues and risks are managed and mitigated in a timely manner. Having a single platform for collaboration ensures that everyone is always on the same page, every day.



The key to successful steering is transparency. Having access to all data, people, and actions on one single online platform gives you real-time insight into status and completion information while highlighting critical aspects that require your attention. Be ready to report to your steering board with well-designed dashboards at any time.

Related Apps

Synergy Management

Synergy Management

Synergy in value-creating is the essence of integration. Our Synergy Management App provides functionalities for identification, qualification, planning, and executing the implementation roadmap. Define your value drivers and instruments how you want to measure the degree of implementation. Assign clear accountability and report on progress and implementation status.

PMI Smart Pulse and Surveys

PMI Smart Pulse and Surveys

Surveys are common instruments in many phases of the M&A project, ranging from Cultural Due Diligence to a frequent Post Merger Integrations Pulse Check. Our smart Survey App provides you with world-standard functionalities measuring the Pulse of your M&A success. 

Best of all, the app is fully integrated with the App Platform, data will never leave the secure environment, and it can be connected to other Apps.

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook is the ultimate online guidebook and project management tool for M&A Management. It's a comprehensive, always up-to-date online documentation of all important work steps, structured by chapters. PlaybookApp can be linked with Project management Apps, allowing you to connect with project risks, findings, issues, or evensynergies in context. You can also link it to a virtual data room (VDR), making information sharing and collaboration easier than ever before.

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