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Take advantage of 21st century IT technology.

With the M&A cloud-based platform, agile workspaces, and smart data concepts all implemented in a secure environment, you can boost productivity and quality.


Your Challenges

Get rid of overhead effort like status reporting, data synchronization or project management routines, and free up your mind to focus on your core expertise.


Iteration of information

Eliminate long email threads, delays and manual synchronization of data between numerous platforms. Benefit from standardized and automated processes by implementing our end-to-end, data-driven collaborative workspace.


Data Analytics

Question the status quo of today's M&A. Smart data management allows you to get better data insights despite the volume of data and the frequency of updates. Real-time analysis and reporting lead to faster and better decisions.


Tight Deadlines

Fine-tune your methods with data, project and process management software crafted for M&A requirements. By working collaboratively on the same data you can achieve early status transparency, mitigate risks and deliver the project on time.

Related Apps

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook is the ultimate online guidebook and project management tool for M&A Management. It's a comprehensive, always up-to-date online documentation of all important work steps, structured by chapters. PlaybookApp can be linked with Project management Apps, allowing you to connect with project risks, findings, issues, or evensynergies in context. You can also link it to a virtual data room (VDR), making information sharing and collaboration easier than ever before.

Smart Virtual Data Room (VDR)

Smart Virtual Data Room (VDR)

Having a secure place to exchange and store your confidential documents is always a must-have in every transaction. Our Smart Tresor is easy to use and fast to set up VDR, which integrates seamlessly with other Apps of the smart M&A platform suite. The App comes with permission controls, document previews, historicization, index management, and archive functions.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management is more than an App. It lifts your classical project views to a full pipeline management system. Targets can be managed on a Kanban-Board, filtered, and reported by customizable criteria. The target metadata will stay through the whole lifecycle of the transactions from the opportunity phase, through Due Diligence up to the integration phase and archive.

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