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Effective management of your M&A process is key to your company's growth and the long-term success of the process. 
Follow the digitalization agenda of your company and implement a fully digitalized M&A process.


Your Challenges

Establish a framework and guidance for repeatable M&A success and ensure that compliance and governance requirements are met.


Actionable policies, rules and procedures

Provide an M&A framework that is both: strict enough, yet adaptable to the specifics of each deal. The governance framework supports thinking ahead and guiding through the process steps. Embedded historization of all changes will make your M&A audit-proof and compliance-ready.


End-to-end M&A process

Whether you are carving out an organization, searching for new targets, conducting due diligence or managing your integration phase - you're striving for the best results. Keep your strategic M&A data in one workspace during the whole process lifetime for maximum transparency and well-informed decisions.


Orchestrate the whole M&A team

Coordinating the team and the data is a big challenge, especially when external parties are involved who need secure access to confidential data. The® platform has proven its robustness in large-scale multinational transactions with thousands of users and millions of data entries.

Related Apps

Carve-out Baselining

Carve-out Baselining

Our Excel-like Baseline App is designed for data gathering in carve-out scenarios. Easily create data requests tables with customizable headers and an endless number of input rows to be filled out by the carve-out object. With almost no training effort, you get an Excel-like user experience plus features that you missed in Excel like real-time collaboration, version control, workflows, permissions, and markups, as well as dashboards to track progress.

Digitalized Due Diligence

Digitalized Due Diligence

The next-generation Due Diligence App. Rather than collecting documents, build custom web forms to get the most precise answers to your data requests. Documents can be attached wherever necessary. Working with structured data rather than documents is a significant efficiency boost. Furthermore, this data can be seamlessly transferred to the integration phase. The App offers a suite of online collaboration tools, including permissions controls, workflows, status, and changes tracking.

Integration Playbook

Integration Playbook

Integration Playbook is the perfect App for M&A Integration because it combines Project Management concepts with the specification and requirements of Post Merger Integration. Integration Playbook provides smart tools for managing tasks, responsibilities, and status. Also, risks, issues, or synergies can be linked. 

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