Make data-driven decisions

The complexity and diversity of investments are putting pressure on deal teams to be fast, accurate, and efficient while handling a growing amount of data.

With the right pipeline management solution, you can improve M&A processes by increasing efficiency.® M&A software makes it easy to adjust layouts based on industry information and lessons learned, giving teams an end-to-end view of all deals.


A single, easy-to-use tracking tool for all your targets

Manage multiple deals simultaneously while staying organized and on track.


Watch for the perfect catch

Whenever a good opportunity appears, be ready to seize it. Set your own monitoring criteria and keep your eyes on the potential targets at all times. Track all your deals in one place, using our tools to filter the relevant data and ensure you make the right decisions fast.


One centralized database

Collect and update the information about your targets, including external data sources, to identify the right time to move the prospect into the next engagement phase. Centralize and control the data and workflows to keep your focus on value.


Get better each time

Manage all your pre- and post-investments in one place. Take target screening information to the next transaction phases. Apply lessons learned and optimize your M&A for future development.

Related Apps

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management is more than an App. It lifts your classical project views to a full pipeline management system. Targets can be managed on a Kanban-Board, filtered, and reported by customizable criteria. The target metadata will stay through the whole lifecycle of the transactions from the opportunity phase, through Due Diligence up to the integration phase and archive.

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook is the ultimate online guidebook and project management tool for M&A Management. It's a comprehensive, always up-to-date online documentation of all important work steps, structured by chapters. PlaybookApp can be linked with Project management Apps, allowing you to connect with project risks, findings, issues, or evensynergies in context. You can also link it to a virtual data room (VDR), making information sharing and collaboration easier than ever before.

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