Focus on the outcome thanks to an efficient M&A process

Organize data and tasks and orchestrate workstreams in a clear framework to run your M&A effectively.

Benefit from our user-friendly interface, professional expertise and proven know-how that is integrated into the platform. Manage any phase of your deal, whether preparation, transaction or integration.


Your Challenges

Get your M&A kicked-off and accomplish your expected results as quickly as possible without losing grip on your business continuity.


Focus on the deal, not the M&A application

Don't waste your time and resources implementing sophisticated M&A software and onboarding your team. Benefit from software that is available online immediately, designed and pre-configured specifically for SME M&A projects. Our clients commend us for the ease and flexibility of our solutions.


Get it done - fast!

Make sure the M&A solution works as efficiently as you do. Achieve your goals within record time and without overlooking any critical aspect. Take over control from the first moment, keep track of progress and status, and report to all key stakeholders using pre-configured, real-time reports.


M&A success is your highest priority

No matter whether you are searching for new targets, conducting due diligence or managing your integration phase - striving for the best results is your top priority. Benefit from our pre-built process templates and knowledge bases including checklists, day-one readiness, risk and synergy management.

Related Apps

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook

M&A Playbook is the ultimate online guidebook and project management tool for M&A Management. It's a comprehensive, always up-to-date online documentation of all important work steps, structured by chapters. PlaybookApp can be linked with Project management Apps, allowing you to connect with project risks, findings, issues, or evensynergies in context. You can also link it to a virtual data room (VDR), making information sharing and collaboration easier than ever before.

Day One Readiness

Day One Readiness

The Day One Readiness Checklist provides the transaction teams with instruments to meet legal and financial obligations, ensure a proper change of control and pave the road for business continuity. The essence of this App is a pre-build checklist with all Day One critical items, which could be easily adopted or enhanced. It comes with project management functionality to manage accountability and track implementation completion, compliance and risks.

Integration Playbook

Integration Playbook

Integration Playbook is the perfect App for M&A Integration because it combines Project Management concepts with the specification and requirements of Post Merger Integration. Integration Playbook provides smart tools for managing tasks, responsibilities, and status. Also, risks, issues, or synergies can be linked. 

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